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How to Install Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3 on any 7th Gen Intel PC using Windows 10

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How to Install Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3 on any 7th Gen Intel Laptop using Windows 10

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Mac OS Sierra on any 7th Gen Intel PC using Windows 10. For this, you need Windows 10 Laptop powered by an i7 processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM. In this tutorial, we don't use any Macbook you just need a simple laptop or system which is powered by Intel i7 processor. It does not necessary that you use Dell Laptop you can use any laptop for this.
Following steps are followed to Install Mac OS on PC.

Before You Start
  1. Create Mac OS Installation Disk and Arrange files.
  2. BIOS Setting.
  3. Install Mac OS via USB Thumb Drive.

Steps To Install Mac OS on PC 

  1. Create Mac OS Installation Disk and Arrange Files

Step 1- First, you should download or install the TransMac app or Mac OS Sierra.dmg file on your Windows PC.

Step 2- Run TransMac as Superior, it is free so it takes some time. I suggest you to use a 16GB thumb drive to make installation easier. Now click right on your thumb drive and choose Format Disk Drive for Mac.

Step 3- Now click right again on the thumb drive and select Restore with Disc Image. Now open the Mac OS Sierra.dmg file. Click OK and then yes to proceed on the thumb drive.

Step 4- This process took more time as TransMac is slow. It took more than 20 minutes on any system. So we should also use Win32Disk Manager instead TransMac to make the process faster and easier.

Step 5- After creating the Mac OS Installation drive, open drive and delete all files and folders and replace them with folders which contain custom list files and setting for installing Mac OS on PC.

Step 6- Don't forget to create a separate blank/empty disk where you can install Mac OS. Be careful about using external SSD for this process.

2. BIOS Setting

Step 7- Now you have to restart your PC or Laptop. When it gets restarted, instantly Tap F2 or F12 to set up BIOS. To install BIOS we need to change the setting in order to install Mac OS on PC.

Step 8- To install Mac OS on PC easily without any problem we need to disable Powershare and then disable Secure Boot. It is very necessary to disable Safe Boot. Now you had to look for an option called Virtualization.

Step 9- Virtualization disable VTD or VT. Now you had to boot your system and press F12 to boot options. Click/Select on the Thumb Drive to start the installation.

3. Install Mac OS Via USB Thumb Drive

Step 10- After you Booted your PC, you will see a number of options. This is the Clover Bootloader which helps us to install Mac OS on PC.
In Clover, you can make changes if an error occurs during installation or you can enable safe mode to install Mac OS. There are a number of options present during installation don't click any option until you completely know what you are doing. Now click on the Boot Mac OS X from Hackintosh Sierra Zone.
After all this, you will see an Apple logo is appear on your Pc or Laptop display, loading installation files. By clicking Forward Arrow button and agreeing all terms and conditions younger proceed to next step.

 What is Clover Bootloader?

Clover is a new open source EFI Bootloader. It is used to solve the problems inherent in existing OS X Installation methods and legacy Bootloaders.

Step 11- Now select Utilities and open Disk Utility. Then select the drive where you want to install Mac OS. Don't forget the disk must be empty as this will erase all data from the disk. Click erase on top, and name the disk, Select Mac OS Extended(Journaled) and Guide Partition. Click erase, and this will format the hard drive. Mac OS is ready for Installation.

Step 12- Now select the formatted disk and close the Disk Utility. Mac OS on PC is started installing. This may possibly take 20-25 minutes depending on your PC.

Step 13- The installation is almost completed. But unfortunately, an error is occur saying, installation failed. Ignore all this, as Mac OS is already installed. This version is basically the Hacked Version of Mac OS Sierra by Hackintosh due to this sometimes errors occur.

Step 14- Now, Restart your PC/Laptop and select Thumb Drive to load Clover Bootloader.

Step 15- After restart, we have two options available -

  1. Name External.
  2. Boot Mac OS.
Select Boot Mac OS. It will boot Apple Mac OS Sierra on your PC. This boot may take few minutes, so wait for it to finish. Now done the initial formality. Select Country, Timezone and Agree to terms and conditions.

Step 16- Now give a new name and password to your PC/Laptop and select continue to open.
Mac OS Sierra is successfully installed.


Hope you like my post on how to install Mac OS on PC. If you have any problem, queries, doubts related to this tutorial, you can ask just Comment below. I will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.
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