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Best Photo Editor Apps for Mac

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Best Photo Editor Apps for Mac

Best photo editor app for Mac is the basic requirement of a Photoshop lover. In nowadays, Photo editing is become an art to impress others with photoshop skills. But Mac user needs different Apps for showing their skills. So, In this post, we listed the top and best apps.

 Most of these Apps are easily affordable and free. So here we recommend the curated list of best photo editing Apps for Mac-

1. Aurora HDR 

Aurora HDR is the new photo editing app launched in 2017 for Mac user. Aurora is the complete app which has all the features and tools you want in every app. After installing this app you don't need any other app for photo editing. This is a paid photo editor and its main features are noise reduction to layer, and radial masking. It supports all type of image formats like JPG, JPEG PNG and much more.

You can download and purchase this app for $90 from App store. It is very costly but it is the best photo editor app for Mac. 

2. Aperture 3

Aperture is the perfect app for photo editing. It has brilliant features and powerful tools which make it one of the best photo editor app for Mac. Some of its main features are transitions, graphics, and timing. Its stunning features are the center of attraction.

You can download and purchase this photo editor app from App Store for $79.99 and make your editing stunning. 

3. Affinity Photo

Affinity is the best app for Mac users and one of the top photo editing app. Affinity photo editor images are the images which have the professional touch. It has the brilliant interface for its users. It has excellent features which take your images to whole new level.

You can download and purchase this app from App Store for $50 and enjoy the professionalism in your images. It is the app all Mac user want in their system.

4. Acorn

Acorn is the app with awesome editing features. Acorn photo editor supports features like snapping, shape processor, cropping and much more. It has the awesome and easiest interface for users. This app makes your photo editing realistic.

You can download and purchase this paid app for $49.99 from App Store for $49.99 and make your photo editing skills more awesome.

5. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is the another good app for photo editing app for Mac. It has awesome layering tools, gradients and much more. Its main features are its effects and borders. In this, you can create thousands of images like in other tools.

This is the paid photo editor app and you can purchase this app from App Store after the trial period is over it cost you nearly $30 to get this app on your Mac.

6. FX Photo Studio Pro 

FX photo studio pro is a photo editor design by Professional and Amateur photographers. It has excellent high-quality effects. Its main features are its color control and simple user interface which makes it the very best app for photo editing. 

You can download and purchase this app for $39.35 from App store and make full use of this amazing photo editing app.

7. SnapFlow

SnapFlow is the amazing tool which is used for selecting images in videos. This photo editor has different features as compared to others. It allows the user to select the best image in the video. Its main features are it save photos in videos, and export images in any format. This app is multitasking and really helpful for those people who like editing in videos.

You can download and purchase this app for $17.99 from App store and try this unique editing app for your photo editing.

8. Lightroom 

Lightroom is an Adobe Photoshop app it is the best photo editor available for Mac. It has very good graphics and other tools. You can create thousand of pictures and save it easily without any problem. This app is easily available and you can download it free for 30 days as a trial. 

After the trial period is complete, you can purchase this app with Photoshop CC for $10. It is not costly and has all the features you will require in a photo editor app.

9. Fotor

Fotor is one of the best picture editor app for Mac user. It has very easy editing features and you can easily find it on the upper right side. Some of its main features are the white balance, tweak highlights, adjusting tool, borders, effects and much more. 

You can download this app for free and enjoy its awesome features in your editing and purchase many new features by paying just $2.99 per month.

10. Polarr

Polarr is one of the greatest apps for photo editing. It is mostly used by the Professional photographers. It has a very good workflow, color features, and photo editor tools. It is easily used by everyone without any problems. Its color features made editing very cool.

You can download and purchase this app for $19.99 from App store. This editing tool makes your photo editing more awesome.


So this is the list of Best Photo Editor Apps for Mac, I hope you like my post and if you have any doubts and want any suggestion on these apps you can ask me by just comment below and don't forget to share this post with your friends.

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