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How to Install the Android in VirtualBox

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How to Install the Android in VirtualBox

In this Tutorial, I will show you how you can download Android in VirtualBox. This is very easy and helpful tutorial, for those who want to experience something new. To install Android Virtual Machine you will require a couple of things-

1. Firstly you have to Download and install  VirtualBox if you don't download it yet. It is available for Windows, Linux, and also for MacOS.

2. Now you need to download the Android x86 ISO. After downloading this you will require an Android version. I am using the Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) version you can try whatever you want.

Before we go forward to install Android Virtual Machine I recommend you to check the virtualization are enabled in your PC BIOS. If it is not enabled then you had to face many problems. So I suggest you not to install it otherwise your system got damaged.

Now you need to follow 3 steps and there points-

Step 1-  Create Virtual Machine for Android

  • To create Virtual Machine for Android you need to fire up VirtualBox and then select the New button to create a new Virtual Machine.

  • Now name the Virtual Machine whatever you want to give like Android, VirtualBox or any other one. After that select Linux as the type and Linux 2.6 / 3x / 4.x (32 bit) as the version and select next.

  • Now select the amount of memory, as we are using 32-bit build Android So I give 2048MB. If we are using here 64-bit build Android then we don't need to think as much. So if you are using 64-bit build Android then relax it is as much as you want. After selecting the amount of memory, select next.

  • Select Create to start building your Virtual Machine for Android and set VDI as your hard disk type.

  • Select hard disk size as Dynamically Allocated, which will boast the Virtual hard disk.

  • Now choose the storage and size for your system remember that it will Dynamically resize. So choose according to your requirements. I am choosing 8GB. After choosing the size for your system select the Create button.
Now you are able to use your new Virtual Machine for Android.

Step 2- Install Android in Virtual Machine

  • Select the Start option at the top left side.

  • Now when your system starts, open the Android ISO you download and now you are able to choose but choose as soon as you fire it up, select Devices > Optical Devices > Choose Disk Image and select Android ISO. After choosing use Machine > Reset to restart the Android Virtual Machine. Remember when you click on VirtualBox it will capture your Mouse and Keyboard. So select the right Ctrl key on your Keyboard to release Mouse and Keyboard.

  • When the Android Virtual Machine loads the ISO, scroll down and press enter to install with the help of Keyboard. Now the Android installer started.

  • Select Create /Modify partitions on the GPT screen and choose No.

  • Select New on the disk utility screen.

  • Now you have to create a primary disk it is used for the entire Virtual hard disk and it will be selected by default. It is 8GB which we choose in starting.

  • Select and Enter the Bootable option for bootable partition and click on Write and tap Enter.

  • Now type Yes and tap Enter to confirm the disk partition.

  • After that select the Quit option and tap Enter.

  • Now install Android by selecting the partition and tap Enter to install Android Virtual Machine.

  • Click on ext4 select Yes to format partition and tap Enter to go to next screen.

  • Select Yes for installing the GRUB Bootloader.

  • Click Yes for making the system folder rewritable.Now reboot Android and reset it. Don't forget to unmount ISO file. Otherwise, it will be going back to the installer.

Step 3- Setup Android in VirtualBox

  • Now you have to setup Android Virtual Machine in VirtualBox. It is a very easy process you don't require any internet. The Android Virtual Machine use your PC connection for setup.

  • Now sign in and complete the setup process and enjoy Android apps, games and other things on your PC.

So now you can enjoy Android Virtual Machine and its apps on your PC without any trouble. I am using Android x86 version on my PC. If you don't like it you can install any other Android version on your PC. You are free to choose and enjoy Android in any system.


I hope you like my post on how to install Android Virtual Machine in VirtualBox. If you have any problem in installing Android you can ask me by just comment below and I shall reply your queries as soon as possible.

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