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How to Install the iOS 11 Beta for your iPhone or iPad

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How to Install the iOS 11 Beta for your iPhone or iPad


The iOS 11 Beta download is now available for iPhones and iPads. Now everyone can install the iOS 11 Beta and enjoy its feature. But before installing iOS 11 Beta you should need to back up your device so you can easily restore your previous data.

Before we start I will tell you that this iOS 11 Beta version is not completely launched it is a pretesting of this version. So if you want to install iOS 11 Beta than you should use your old iPhone and iPad which is not your primary device. I mean if you have an iPhone or iPad which you use for everything, don't install it on that iPhone or iPad because it has bag and crashes that can damage your device OS. It is a free testing version.

But if you want to install proper/complete iOS 11 Beta than you have to wait for the proper launch of iOS 11 public Beta.

So let's start this tutorial, on iOS Beta download. But before you start downloading I recommend you to do a complete backup of your device in iOS 10. This will help you to come down back to your current iOS 10 Beta without any loss of your current data.

Step 1- Create Backup of your iPhone or iPad with iTunes

After creating the backup of your iPhone or iPad with iTunes you are now able to go back to iOS 10. The process is also quick if you have backup and it will take just a few minutes to go back. 

How to make the backup?

To create a backup, open iTunes and connect your iOS device with the help of USB cable or portable cable. After connecting with USB now select the Allow option in iTunes. Now on the left side of iTune interface, there is a device icon click the device icon and your device is connected.

Now the device summary page is open on your device by default when we select the device, scroll down the page and at the bottom select the Backups and click on This computer option as your backup location and Encrypt iPhone backup. If you want your complete data than you have to encrypt backup, otherwise you will lose all your apps, data, account password and settings. Click the Backup Now to start the backup process.

The backup process is complete in just 10-15 minutes. After the backup process is complete, you have to archive your backup otherwise iTunes will automatically delete all your data. Select iTunes preferences on Mac, click edit preferences on Windows. Select the Devices tab and locate your created backup. Right click and select Archives. Now your data is safe and you can restore it whenever you want. It is properly saved with the date and time it archived.

The iOS 11 Beta is 1.7GB in size and requires 1.5 GB Temporary space to upgrade the process. So you have to remove the extra storage from your device. 

Step 2- Sign Up the Beta

After completing the backup process of your device. Now you have to sign up for the  Apple Beta Software Program account. Signing up is easy you just have to go to the website, and sign up with your regular Apple ID and select the accept agreement and confirm to join the program. 

By signing up with your Apple ID in beta software program account you are now eligible to upgrade the beta software and for iOS Beta download.

Step 3-Update and Install The Configuration Profile

 Now you can update to iOS 11 Beta. But before you can update the iOS 11 public beta make sure that your device is fully charged because beta updating is a time-consuming process. So if your device is not fully charged then charge it before updating otherwise it can be stopped if your device is switched off.

After all that open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and navigate to Now login with Apple account, then a page appears on your screen scroll down the page and select Download Profile button. 

Steps to Install

1. Now Install Profile page appears on your screen on the upper right click install. 

2. After that, a consent legal box appears. Again click on Install button in the upper right corner to install.

3. Now you have to restart your iPhone or iPad tap on restart button.

Your iPhone or iPad is now eligible to OTA update i.e for install iOS 11 Beta

Step 4- Apply Update

After you have updated the backup configuration profile you have seen a newer version in your device and beta update is rolled out. Again select download and install. Now enter your pin and accept terms of agreements. After doing that the download will start. The download update is taking a long time so you have to wait for it to finish. It takes 35-40 minutes for download.

Once the update is completed the download and install button appears on your screen. Click the install button and enjoy your iOS 11 Beta. Now you have to just relax and be patient it will take some time. This version is much better than iOS 10 developer profile.

Step 5- Final Process

When your device update finishes you have to retype your Pin to get started. Now you have to accept the Apple agreement and you are eligible to participate in various data collection program and app developer programs. This iOS 11 Beta version has very good graphics for the users. It has some errors but its main objective is to know the views of iOS user.

Courtesy of

Now you can see new Apple provided apps in your iPhone or iPad. you can also give your Feedback by clicking on the Feedback icon and give your opinion and report your problem about iOS 11 Beta.
By doing this you can improve these bug iOS 11 before it gets released for public.

Once you signup here and I agree you are ready to enjoy iOS 11 Beta months before other users and you can enjoy its new features even before its release.


Hope you like my post on how to install iOS 11 Beta. If you have any problem, queries, doubts related to this tutorial, you can ask just Comment below.

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